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London Coffee Academy

SCA Barista skills

Beginner, Intermediate and Professional courses available.

on-site barista training

Staff needing training? Our certified baristas can come to you!

barista intensive

For those looking for a bit more depth, this course has a flexible structure to serve the applicants.

About Us


Our vision is to make coffee education more acessible and inclusive for all. Each of our trainers has come from different backgrounds and journies in the coffee industry but one thing that unites us is the desire to keep innovating and bring coffee knowledge to everyone. We are part of the team at THINK Coffee & Ink in Camden Town, London which is one of our training locations. We are currently developing a few different courses you can check out here on our page.


Our instructors have varying degrees of certification in barista skills and roasting through the Speciality Coffee Association.


London is one of the fathers of speciality coffee in Europe. Here in the city there is a huge range of coffee culture that we get to experience each day.

Quality Materials

From our equipment to the coffee we use, we are very particular in making sure we are using top quality materials.

Industry Expertise

All of our trainers work in the coffee industry here in London and are constantly honing their skills and looking for things to learn in the industry.


My experience with the coffee school was informative, interactive, and fun. From the lessons on coffee to brewing methods and creating latte art, I now feel equipped to pursue a career in the coffee industry with exellence.
                                         Alicia - Texas


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